Friday, October 22, 2010

The Great Delivery

Okay all, sorry for the delay, but my camera has crapped out on me and since I haven't had a chance to get a new one, I'll have to rely on pictures that were sent to me when I was searching for that right ... thing.

With regard to my hints, you could have assumed a number of different things ... no?

The item in question could have been a guard llama.

They come in brown and white.

The item in question could have been a herding dog.

They also come in brown and white.

How about if it was a cow?

They also come in brown and white.
Maybe another sheep?
Yes! Drum roll, please.

Now introducing Windswept Goshawk. The newest addition to our breeding stock.
Okay, so you were right. Lets not try to be too smug about it!

Stay tuned. Breeding groups are up next. Can't November 11th come fast enough? No,, I can wait, still haven't decided who's going with whom.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exciting news aka The Great Delivery

In case you've been reading my posts on Facebook (not on it? Don't fret, there's a side bar here with all the farm's posts so you don't miss out!), there's some news on the horizon. Saturday Tim and I will be heading to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival, not to look around, but we'll be having something delivered to us to take back home.

Here's some hints:
1) The item is brown and white.
2) It's coming from Michigan.
3) It's for the farm.

Any guesses out there? Can't think of what it could be? Don't despair, by the end of the weekend I'll post on the Great Delivery.